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Here’s a true story about chameleons:
Chameleons really can change colour to match their surroundings, thanks to a group of chromataphoric cells that lie in layers under their transparent outer skin. So whatever circumstances they find themselves in, they simply take on the characteristics of their surroundings.

And that’s the same with my copywriting. I don’t have specialities; I don’t boast microscopic expertise in specific styles or subject matter. My writing takes on the colour and character of exactly what you want – from breathless, sparky teenage prose through to weighty corporate rhetoric or crisp, precise technical detail. Give me even the sketchiest brief and I’ll provide words that single-mindedly sell products or services, build brands or raise profiles – with chameleon subtlety that precisely reflects your strategic aims.

Advertising copywriting
• Consumer advertising (television, radio, press, posters) • Business-to-Business • Trade & Technical • Scientific • Pharmaceutical • Brochures • Annual Reports • Catalogues • Sales Promotion • Direct Mail

Editorial journalism
Business-based and consumer-focused articles. I write extensively for InOut magazine (in out magazine), a lifestyle and bar/restaurant/hotel review magazine published throughout the North West. You’ll also find my regular blog on this site here.

Public Relations
Press releases, in-house journals and articles – plus I’ll handle all the preparatory background research and fact-finding interviews.

Website planning & writing
From a simple brief to a mass of complex data, I’ll organise information into cogent, logical content for an easy-access, user-friendly website. Then I’ll write the copy. And I work with a number of great web designers – so together, we can provide you with an effective website and fully hosted web package. See begbies traynor for an example of a recent website that I wrote.

Copywriting & marketing training
Seven years in the Law taught me the invaluable mental skills of logic, order and methodology, all of which can make clear sense of the apparently random processes involved in developing creative ideas and effective copywriting. Using my legally-acquired logic and nearly 30 years’ experience as a copywriter, I run creative/copywriting courses for individuals, advertising agencies and in-house marketing departments whose people need to sharpen their advertising skills. I’m also an approved trainer for the Institute of Direct Marketing:
The IDM (click here)
Here’s what some of my delegates have said about my course:
• “It's more than a refresher course - I walked away with a new understanding of what I do for a living.”
• “This course was extremely insightful. The interactivity and exercises were great and really improved my learning and understanding. Most of all, it was good fun!”
• “Practical, interesting, challenging. A great way to get rid of bad habits and get excited about writing again!”

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