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To find out about John Wallace, take a few moments to read this story, (which is definitely true):

Once there was a doctor’s son who wanted to please his father, so he became a lawyer. To be honest, the doctor’s son wasn’t much good at Law – in fact he was a walking liability, and his degree in Law was entirely eclipsed by the degree of incompetence he displayed in court. So he wisely left the Law before he could sully the unimpeachable reputation of such an honoured profession (yes, that’s irony).

With a lifelong love of story-telling, he discovered that the advertising business commercially legitimises the spinning of yarns in persuasive words and pretty pictures, so he joined D’Arcy, a major international advertising agency. As a trainee copywriter, his first ad headline was a trade ad for a non-dairy creamer that read: ‘Beats all udders’. Happily this was summarily rejected, and having thought of a replacement headline, he went on to work for D’Arcy in London, the USA and Europe.

Thereafter, he was Creative Director for several advertising agencies in and around Manchester before a spell in Singapore and Malaysia. For the last 17 years, he’s been a freelance writer based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, and continues to love his work with a degree of enthusiasm that is more than altogether decent.

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